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CAPS Services

House and Office Cleaning services are the foundation of our business.  CAPS offers a additional personal assisting services - Organizing and House-Sitting - as well.  We are based in Irvine, CA, and we serve many communities in central and south Orange County. Please contact us for a free estimate today.

"Your house or office will be cleaned as if it were our own."

Virginia's cell: 949-350-6916
Virginia's email: Virginia@ClassActPersonalServices.com

CAPS Residential Policies and Fees Agreement...

Click here to download the Class Act Personal Services Residential Policies and Fees Agreement.

House and Office Cleaning

CAPS Cleaning Task Checklists (Contact CAPS at 949-350-6916 for document access password.)

- CAPS Residential Regular CORE Cleaning Task Checklist
- CAPS Residential ADDITIONAL "CUSTOMIZED" Task Checklist
- CAPS Residential DEEP-CLEANING Task Checklist


"Before-and-After" Photos:

The "before-and-after" photos shown above are from a commercial/industrial "Initial Cleaning" project that was completed by CAPS in April 2016.  The manager of this company had given up on this toilet and was considering replacing it.  CAPS was able to not just salvage this toilet, but make it sparkle like brand new.

The "before-and-after" photos shown above are from a residential "Initial Cleaning" project that was completed by CAPS in August 2015.  The blinds throughout this home needed extra cleaning.  Another CAPS client came home with a big smile.

Research: Over the years, CAPS management has devoted considerable time and money to thoroughly researching the most effective cleaning methods and tools available in the world today.  We now want you to reap the benefits of our research-based cleaning services with a house or office that you can enjoy living in or working in, and that you can be proud to show to all of your guests, relatives, customers and clients. 

Important: CAPS and the independent contractors we work with speak English. This greatly enhances our ability to provide you with the outstanding customized house and office cleaning services that you deserve.

Please see our 5-Star Reviews page for additional CAPS project photos.


We would be happy to assist you with house or office organizing, such as spring cleaning or packing your household or office items for a move.


While you are away, we can help make your residence look as if it is occupied. We will pick-up the mail, flyers, etc. around the exterior of your house, water your plants, put the trash cans out at the curb, and make regular checks of your premises. We can also clean your home before your return, at our standard cleaning rate. Please note, our house-sitting services do not include pet care.

Note: Please refer to the Policies and Fees page for Class Act Personal Services. Policies, fees, terms and the services checklist, are subject to change.